5 Hot Tub Maintenance Myths Busted – See How Carefree Owning a Spa Can Be


hot tub myths

If you’re considering investing in a hot tub for your home, you may have heard that they require a significant outlay of time and money to operate and maintain. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hot tubs offer some incredible health benefits and are surprisingly easy and cost-effective to own and maintain. When you purchase a hot tub from Black Pine Spas, we’ll make sure you understand how easy it is to self-maintain your spa and can answer any questions you have about your hot tub.

We’ve even created a series of videos that show you how to maintain your equipment.

Check out these five common hot tub maintenance myths we’ve busted so you can see just how simple and affordable it is to own and maintain a hot tub in your home.

hot tub maintenanec myths busted

#1. You will have to spend a lot of money on maintenance

Hot tubs cost less to maintain than many other types of recreational equipment. A well-cared for hot tub needs only monthly chemicals and test strips to check the chemical levels. Depending on the type of spa you have and the size, these costs average roughly $20 a month.

You will also need to occasionally purchase replacement supplies like filter cartridges and filters. Filters run $35-$50 (on average). The other monthly cost associated with operating your spa is electricity. An energy efficient spa with a high-quality cover can cost as little as $10-$20 per month.

#2. You will have to put a lot of time and effort into maintenance

hot tub maintenance myth effort

If you’re worried that a hot tub will be a hassle to maintain, you shouldn’t be. Hot tubs are simple to maintain, don’t require an in-depth knowledge of chemistry or any particular skills. Routine hot tub maintenance takes just a few minutes a week.

You test the water using a test strip kit that will tell you the pH, alkalinity, calcium and sanitizer (bromine or chlorine) levels.

Based on this reading, you may need to add chemicals according to the spa instructions. All together, this can be done in less than five to 10 minutes once a week. It’s simple to do and no fancy chemistry degree is required.

#3. You can sanitize your hot tub water completely with an ozonator

Ozonators are devices that generate ozone and infuse your hot tub water with this excited form of oxygen that can help wipe out many contaminants in your water. On its own, an ozonator typically will not eliminate all the bacteria and contaminants in your hot tub water.

However, it can be a great addition to your disinfecting regimen of chemicals.

Ozonators can cut down on the amount of chemicals you’ll need to use, can prolong equipment life and reduce your maintenance time. However, ozonators are not a complete disinfecting solution all by themselves.

#4. You can clean your hot tub filter in the dishwasher

hot tub maintenanace myth clean filter in dishwasher

Just because your hot tub filter will fit into your dishwasher doesn’t mean that’s the appropriate place to clean this all-important part of your hot tub. Dishwashers clean with extremely hot water and then dry dish and glassware with heated air. Neither one of these are good for your filter.

These high-temperatures can break down your filter’s construction and destroy the filter cartridge. Check your spa manual to confirm, but most filters can be soaked in a sanitizing solution to clean it up while maintaining its integrity.

#5. You will waste water and other resources maintaining a spa

If you’re worried that owning a hot tub isn’t eco-friendly, here are some important facts to know. When it comes to water usage, hot tubs aren’t like bathtubs. They don’t need to be filled and drained each time you use them.

Depending on how many bathers use your spa, you’ll need to change out your water every three to six months.

TDS (total dissolved solids) test strips will tell you when you need to change your water (once TDS exceeds 1,500 ppm. The other resource consumed is electricity, but by opting for an energy-efficient model and buying a quality cover, this consumption will also be minimized.

To see just how easy it is to enjoy a low-maintenance hot tub in your home, contact the experts at Black Pine Spas. Hot tubs are a great way to relax, improve your health and increase your quality of life. Get a free in -home consultation if you live in the Seattle area.


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