How To Maintain A Hot Tub


Congratulations! As the owner of a new hot tub, (or perhaps you are the new owner of a second hand tub that came with a new home), you are in for years of fun and relaxation! However, at this point you probably have a few questions about how to get the most out of your new investment.

Taking care of your hot tub is really a simple process. It is not something that you will need to worry about constantly, or even daily. In time, it will become a natural part of your weekly routine that you won’t even think about.

However, it is only fair to warn you that there could be some frustration in the first few weeks and months, while you are learning what makes your hot tub happy.

Taking care of the water in your hot tub is a lot like maintaining the water in a swimming pool, with two critical differences. The most important is that there is a lot less water in the hot tub than in a full sized pool. Believe it or not, it is easier to take care of the larger volume of water. The much smaller tub is more sensitive to small changes in chemistry. Another important factors is that the hot tub is maintained at a temperature that will allow nasty things to grow at a phenomenal rate. These warnings aren’t meant to frighten you, just to help you be aware of the importance of keeping up with hot tub sanitation.

Your first step is to find a spa dealer that you trust and can talk to. This is probably the one that you bought the spa from. His reputation depends on how much you enjoy your spa, after all.

You may be tempted to save money by getting your chemicals at the hardware store. However, when things go wrong, can you trust the kid at the hardware store to help fix your water chemistry? The spa dealer has probably seen it all, so he really can help.

An important part of water treatment is testing the water so that you know what treatment is necessary. The test strips are reasonably accurate and easy to use. Simply swish the strip in the water and compare the color to the guide. Personally, I have difficulty with color perception, so I find I have better luck with the drip tests.

With this sort of test, you fill the test chamber with water from the tub, add a chemical to get a color change, then add another chemical, drop by drop, until another color change occurs. Not as simple as swishing a strip, but it works for me!

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Find a treatment system that feels comfortable, and plan on sticking with it. Discuss the different chemical brands with your dealer, as well as the difference between chlorine and bromine treatments. The important thing is to find a treatment system that works for you. Remember that it may take a few days for a treatment system to show results.

Beyond water chemistry, there are a couple of other considerations with the hot tub. It is advised that you purchase at least two sets of filters, and on a regular basis change them out. When you remove the dirty set, follow your dealer’s advice on cleaning the filters so they are ready when it is time to swap them again.

Your hot tub cover helps to conserve heat in between soaks, and keeps dirt from falling into your clean water. It is a good idea to clean the inside of the cover occasionally with a chlorine solution, and to use a vinyl conditioner on the outside.

Hot tub maintenance is much easier than it sounds, and can even be fun! For more detailed advice, contact the good people at Black Pine Spas today.


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