How To Maintain A Sauna


Sauna maintenance will depend on the type of sauna you own. There are two main types – traditional and infrared – and each requires different care and treatment to keep it clean, healthy and performing at its best. Proper maintenance also will improve the life span of your spa and ensure you can ensure your investment for years to come.

No matter what type of sauna you own, going into it as clean as possible is step one of proper care. Even though you’ll be sweaty by the time you come out, going in clean will reduce bacteria and odor formation. And whether you choose to sauna in a bathing suit, towel or nude, ensure that any type of clothing or bath sheet is clean as well. No matter what you choose to wear (or not wear) while you enjoy your sauna, sitting or lying on a clean towel will protect sauna surfaces from your sweat.

Maintain a Traditional Sauna

To keep a traditional sauna clean and free of bacteria and water damage, here’s what you should do each time you enjoy a session:

#1 After each session, use a hand brush to dip into the water bucket and quickly scrub off the benches and backrests. This takes only a minute and if done regularly, will keep you from having to do more in-depth cleaning.

#2 After each session, prop up the duckboards off the floor.

#3 Leave the door ajar for a while after each session to allow the sauna to completely air out. Residual heat left in the rocks and the accumulated heat should dry out the wood surfaces and prevent water damage.

#4 If you notice any stains on the benches or flooring, clean the surfaces with your hand brush and a mild detergent.

#5 Any mold can be treated with bleach or an anti-bacterial cleanser made specifically for a sauna.

#6 For saunas that see heavy usage, occasionally cleaning the floor with a cleanser is recommended.

 hide how to maintain a saunaMaintain an Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are lower maintenance than traditional saunas. To keep yours clean, bacteria-free and performing optimally, follow these steps:

#1 During each session, be sure to use plenty of towels under your seating area, behind your back and under your feet to soak up your sweat.

#2 Take all moist and wet towels out of the sauna when you’re done with your session to keep moisture from building up.

#3 Keep the door propped open when not in use to keep it dry and aired out.

#4 If you notice any stains or odors, wipe down your sauna with a cloth with a small amount of mild detergent and then wipe with a clean damp cloth.

#5 Always use as little water as possible – excess water can create stains.

#6 Keep floors clean with a broom or vacuum and an occasional damp mopping with a mild cleanser.

If your wood becomes stained or discolored and cleaning doesn’t clear up the problem, you can use a fine grade sand paper to gently sand down the stained wood. No matter what, don’t paint, oil, or otherwise treat the wood or you can destroy your sauna!

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