Introduction To Hot Tubs


Your Complete Introduction to Hot Tubs and Spas

With so many options in the marketplace, shopping for a hot tub can feel intimidating but it doesn’t need to be that way!

First, let’s explore the basics of hot tubs so that you can educate yourself on how to make the best purchasing decision possible.

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2. Jets

The tub’s pump forces water through its jets to target pain areas and deliver stimulating massages to soakers.

3. Plumbing

We use the Shur-Grip method to seal your plumbing to reduce the risk of leaks ensuring you can soak with peace of mind, anytime.

4. Heater

As water is filtered through the spa it passes to the heater assembly where it is heated by a coil and moves through the distribution system to be pumped to different parts of your spa.

5. Pump

The pump in a spa has two main funcions: Circulating water through out the tub’s system to pass it through the filter and pumping clean water through your jets, delivering you effective hydrotherapy.

6. Insulation

Insulation absorbs vibrations caused by high-pressure plumbing throughout the spa. Quality insulation will also improve your tub’s efficiency and lower your electricity bill.

7. Filter cartridge

A good filter will save you time and money by doing a lot of your job for you if you do your part to keep it clean.


Types of hot tubs

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The Portable hot tub

Easily the most popular option is the portable hot tub. Reliability, durability, and cost-efficiency are the main reasons why first-time buyers choose this model. This type of hot tub is also very versatile as buyers can customize the tubs to their liking while still maintaining high standards of performance and ease of use.

Other Types of tubs


Rotationally Molded

This hot tub is molded from a single piece of plastic and as a result, not as visually appealing as others. It is really for a user that is looking for hydrotherapy on a budget. But be aware, these tubs are not known for their energy efficiency.



Talk about classic. A wooden hot tub is the original way to reap the benefits of hot water therapy. Although aesthetically pleasing a wood tub is the minimalist way to enjoy a soak with fewer features, jets, and options for comfortable seating.


In ground

If you have the budget for it, an in-ground hot tub is the most personal, customizable, and permanent type of tub you can purchase. Having the power to make it right for you makes it a worthy investment if you get a crew to install it. However, it’s hardly convenient unless you have a luxury yard to match or need to make repairs.

The different tiers of hot tubs


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High End

tub mid level


tub mid level


Generally, hot tubs industry-wide are priced on a scale of good, better and best.

Hot tub options

Plug & Play 110V/120V
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Best For:
220V/240V Hot Tubs
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Best For:
Swim & Exercise Spas
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Best For:
Dual Temperature
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Best For:

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