Setting up a Home Bar


Your Home Bar

Repeat after me: Having a bar in the home is not about getting drunk, or getting your friends drunk; it is about having fun and there is nothing wrong with using a “social lubricant” to do it.

While going to a real bar should be a fun social experience, making and serving cocktails in the home can be cheaper, safer, and even more fun! Well, to be honest, it can take a while for the host to really see the “cheaper” part. But the investment you make will pay for itself in the entertainment value.

Home Bar Focal Point

A home bar needs a focal point. Unless your goal really is simply to get yourself and your friends sloshed on a regular basis, the bar itself doesn’t have to be the focal point. A large-screen TV can be the focal point for a game-day party, or for friends and family on movie nights.

An even better focal point that will give a bar-like feel is a high quality Brunswick Pool Table. There is no reason that a pool table in the home can’t be the same or higher quality than the one at the local watering hole. When you have it at home, you and your family will have the chance to practice and become proficient at this very social game. Other bar games that can be set up in the home includes shuffleboard and darts..

Even if the TV or the games are the focal point of your in-home bar, and not the bar itself, there is no reason for the bar not to be nice. It is probably best to start small. You may have visions of whipping up complicated cocktails for your buddies, or creating a swank and sophisticated atmosphere to impress your lady, but in reality, the biggest customer in your home bar game room will be you. So start out by setting it up for the kinds of drinks you enjoy

Easy Home Bar Drinks

setting up home barIf you enjoy a well made martini, buy a couple bottles of gin, some vermouth, martini glasses and a good shaker, then learn how to make a killer martini. For others, heaven can be defined as tumbler of scotch with clean ice and a splash of soda, enjoyed while watching the world through the window. What ever cocktails make you happy, start there and build your mixicological skills as you go.

When you decide to have a small party, email your friends a few days in advance and find out what their favorite cocktails are. Then you have a chance to practice concocting them in advance.

Give some thought to glassware. Certain cocktails call for specific glasses for important reasons. This may have to do with controlling how the aromas of the liquor are delivered to the nose, the way the ice transfers cold to the drink, or simply how the colors of the liquor and the mixers are displayed. Fortunately, you will probably only need a few basic shapes and sizes of bar glass, and there is probably a store nearby where you can get the individual glasses for cheap.

How fancy the bar itself is will depend on your resources and the amount of room you have. A full bar that you can actually stand behind is nice, but all you really need is a cabinet of some sort to store your liquor, mixers, tools, and glassware.

If you are thinking that having a home bar would be fun, come visit us at Black Pine Spas, where we carry the latest and best Brunswick pool tables and other bar games.


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