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Man Cave Or Home Bar Room?

Several years ago there was a popular country and western song call “I’m Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home”. Like so many country and western tunes, this one was fun to listen to, fun to sing along with, a little bit depressing, and more than a little insightful.

The song tells the story of a young wife who is frustrated by her husband ignoring her so that he can go bar hopping after work with his friends. As the song goes on, we learn that he is spending his entire paycheck in the process. Rather than end the marriage, the wife comes up with a unique plan. She converts their home into a barroom and plays the part of barmaid so that the husband and his friends can spend their paychecks there.

Far be it from us to encourage such abusive consumption of alcohol, especially on a nightly basis. But the song brings up an intriguing point; one that is worth considering if you are considering building an entertainment room or a “man cave”. That point is that a bar or tavern can be a very fun place to be!

Contrary to popular belief, a big part of the tavern’s appeal as a social hang-out goes beyond the alcohol. A great deal of the fun revolves around the very social games that are played at the bar. Most of this game equipment is available to be set up in the home, where the fun will be available to the whole family.

The centerpiece in many barrooms is the pool table. Billiards is a sport that requires a good deal of practice to become proficient. It takes place in bars because high quality pool tables aren’t very common in homes.

Investing in a billiard table from the best manufacturers is easier than ever. It will give you and any of you family members who care to, the opportunity to learn pool skills away from the smoky environment of the local tavern. Best of all, there is no reason why the home billiard table shouldn’t of the same or even higher quality than the one at the bar.

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There are other games available for a home bar or entertainment room. A pool table is a serious commitment, not just financially, but in terms of floor space.

Darts is a game that requires and develops great hand and eye coordination, and takes up relatively little floor space, especially when the game isn’t being played. Modern plastic tipped darts are safe to use. Dart boards can range from inexpensive wall mount units to full sized cabinets.

Shuffle Board has been a long time favorite of the beer-and-peanut crowd. It is another one where enjoyment of the game increases with the amount of practice one is able to put into it. There is a great deal of satisfaction in sending the heavy metal puck sliding down the waxed table, especially the satisfying clack when your puck knocks your opponent’s out of scoring position. Even that satisfaction pales in comparison to seeing your eleven year old daughter make fools of your drinking buddies at the shuffleboard table!


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