How to Take Care of Your Pool Table


How to Take Care of Your Pool Table

The popularity of pool has skyrocketed over the past few years in the Seattle area, with pool tables selling like pancakes to any household that can afford them. Pool tables aren’t cheap, unfortunately. A high quality pool table can set you back a good amount of savings. But if you’re determined to invest your money in a good pool table, it should only follow that you would take good care of it. Here are some basic pool table care tips:

how to take care of your pool tableCover Your Pool Table

Unlike other kinds of tables, a pool table needs to be covered when not in use. This prevents dust and other particles from settling on the felt surface and messing up the playing area. Don’t cover your pool table with just anything, however. A sizable tarpaulin mat should do well enough.

Clean Pool Table Felt Regularly

Unfortunately, dust will eventually get into the felt. Chalk will also make its way into the felt since it’s commonly used during play. Unless it is cleaned regularly, dust and chalk build up will slowly eat away at the quality of your table’s playing surface. Though a lot of table owners prefer brushes, some experts advise low-strength vacuums because they don’t pull and distort the felt surface.

Clean the Balls and Sticks Regularly

Although it’s good to keep the pool table clean, you should also make sure to clean the balls and sticks that go with it. Balls and sticks are also a common source of dust and dirt, which can easily get on your pool table if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

Don’t Clean Cheap

It’s always good to give your pool table a good wipe down every so often to maintain that varnished wooden shine. However, silicon based cleaning products can actually ruin the finish of your wood over time. Make sure to stick to high quality waxes if you want your pool table to last longer.

Stow the Pool Table Away from the Sun

Although some sunlight will definitely add a bit of drama to the lighting of your pool room, the sun can warp, damage and distort the wood on your pool table. Make sure to keep your pool table away from direct sunlight. Instead of relying on the sun for light, have a warm light fixture overhead to keep your pool table safe and still well lit.

Don’t Use Your Pool Table as a Chair

Make sure that your children and house guests do not sit on your pool table. It may not seem like a big problem at first, but sitting on the table can cause long term damage. Everyone in your home should value your investment and treat your table with care.

Keep Pets Away

If you can’t trust your dog or cat around your pool table, it is best to keep them away. Dogs often become anxious when left alone, and will choose to gnaw on anything available. Cats enjoy lying on any flat surface, and will soon turn your felt into cat hair if you aren’t careful. Pet urine can easily warp and corrode your table. A pool table is a great addition to any Seattle home, but protect your investment by keeping it well-maintained and cared for.

Purchase Only the Best

If you are ready to invest in a quality pool table for your home, choose only the best. Black Pine Spas and Billiards has been providing pool tables and billiard supplies to Seattle area homes and businesses for more than 30 years. Call us today, at 800 896 5405, for a table that will keep your family entertained for years to come.


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