Oxygen Skin Therapy In Hot Tubs


Hot tubs have always been known for their vast recreation, relaxation, and, health benefits but now they are able to add yet another known benefit and that is skin rejuvenation.  MicroSilk is the newest breakthrough to hit the hot tub market.

The patent-pending process creates billions of little oxygen rich micro-bubbles that are 50 microns or smaller that work to nourish and vitalize your skin. These micro-bubbles are negatively charged and are able to enter the pores of your skin,  bond to impurities and lift them away.

The MicroSilk system is able to produce sixty percent higher oxygen levels in the hot tub water than that of regular tap water.  Increased oxygen levels in the water also kills bacteria, promotes healing, and moisturizes the skin reducing wrinkles and signs of ageing .

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Watching the MicroSilk system in action is a fascinating thing.  Before the system is turned on you have what is normal clear hot tub water but when the system is engaged you see a slow, steady stream of white bubbles that form a cloud in the water until the whole hot tub is literally a milky, white color.  This is when you have supersaturated the hot tub water with oxygen rich micro-bubbles and can climb in and begin the therapy process.

You can actually feel the tingling sensation as the micro-bubbles come in contact with your skin working to clean and moisturize deep in the pores.

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