You’ve Just Moved Into a New Place and There is a Hot Tub! Now What?


Great news! The offer you put in on your dream house has been accepted. You’ll get the expansive entrance way and state-of-the-art kitchen you always wanted. There’s just one problem, the hot tub.

Although a hot tub can be wonderful way to enjoy a number of health benefits, spas that have gone unused or uncared for, may need to be removed.

Whether you’re planning to fire up the new spa to celebrate therapeutic bliss or clear out a space for a pool table, there is a little work to do to ensure the next phase of your spa is safe.

Systems Check

new house hot tub

To make sure your “new to you” spa is in good working order it is worthwhile asking an expert to review the structural and electrical integrity of the hot tub as well as the space around it. Hot steam, motors and electrical components can cause wear and tear on the spa as well as the space around it.

Check the spa and the spa filter for leaks and cracks as well as any signs of damage from water or steam—especially if the spa is indoors. You may need an HVAC expert to increase the ventilation in an indoor space to prevent any damage.

Furthermore, the National Electrical Code requires all hot tubs be installed to meet specific electrical and hardware requirements.

Familiarize yourself with your user manual as well as the Federal code and consult an experienced electrician to make sure the previous owner’s installation was (and still is) safe.

Time To Toss It

Spas that fail the systems check or are simply unwanted are best removed with the support of a seasoned expert.

The complex electrical and mechanical systems can be tricky to manage and because of their design, spas must be removed in one piece. For more information about removing a spa from your home contact us.

Sparkle and Shine

Unless you have intimate knowledge of the previous owner’s hot tub maintenance schedule, it is a good idea to drain your spa and start from scratch. Begin with a Flush Treatment to clear and clean the internal plumbing and use Shell and Filter Cleaners to tidy the spa’s surface filter.

These treatments are recommended at 3 to 6 month intervals and are a great way to keep your spas sparkling inside and out.

Also be sure to consult an expert to learn proper testing, balancing and sanitizing so you can keep water quality in check.

Make It Yours!

Your spa is a place for you and your family to relax and unwind. Adding personal touches and amenities can quickly turn the spa area into a tranquil get away. A quality spa cover keeps the hot tub warm and free from debris and adding a privacy wall or gazebo can turn your spa area into a quite, secluded retreat.

Stereo speakers, steps and towel storage can also be added to reflect your style and taste.

To learn more about how to care for and maintain your spa read our FAQs, or contact the experts at Black Pine Spas today!


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