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Exercise and Relax in Style

Have you always wanted a heated swimming pool in your back yard, but lack the space? Maybe you fancy your own hot tub too, somewhere to relax at the end of a long day.

How would you feel about combining the two? Somewhere to get some exercise one moment and relax the next, but without the hassle of digging out a pool and in a much smaller area. If this sounds like your idea of heaven, you should probably take a look at the range of TidalFit swim spas from Artesian Spas.

Swimming in Your Hot Tub

TidalFit swim spas look much like any other premium quality hot tubs – but with one important difference. You can quickly configure the pumps to create a stream of water, then start swimming away. It’s the same theory as a treadmill, with water being pumped round in a circuit to imitate the circular motion of a belt. You can adjust the speed of the water to suit your swim.

Want to really go for it? Crank up the power! Feel like taking it easy? Use the controls to drop the speed.

Swimming is easily one of the best forms of exercise you can do. Unlike running, there’s little impact on your joints. Even if you have serious knee problems that make it difficult to do other forms of exercise, being in the water means there’s equal pressure on all sides of the knee, alleviating pain and allowing freer movement.

It’s also great for building endurance and cardiovascular strength, but the biggest drawback is having somewhere convenient to swim. Not everyone is cut out for a cold dip in the sea or lake every day, while public pools tend to be a little crowded. You may also find that privacy is an issue, so your own swim spa is the perfect compromise. You can swim when you want and for as long as you want, whenever the mood strikes you. It’s like having your own underwater gym at home.

More Than Just A Tub

Then, when you’re finished with your swim, turn off the tidal jets and relax. Settle into one of the ergonomically-designed seats and let the warm water soothe your muscles.

Best of all, TidalFit spas:

  • Cost less and are lower maintenance than your typical pool; and
  • Offer year-round relaxation and safe fun for the whole family.

Artesian Spas are true market-leaders in the world of hot tubs. As they’re the best in the business, all tubs from Artesian Spas feature world-class manufacturing and innovative engineering. They create spas that are not only high quality and incredibly efficient, but also aesthetically beautiful.

Now, with their ground-breaking TidalFit range, they’ve cemented their position at the top of the industry, making an Artesian Spa a welcome addition to any home.

Try a TidalFit at Black Pine Spas

Not sure whether a TidalFit would be right for you? Get in touch and we’ll arrange for you to test out one of our swim spas.

Here at Black Pine Spas we can advise you on all aspects of your purchase. We’ll make sure you get the spa that’s right for your needs. We also offer a range of financing options, making our quality hot tubs available to everyone. You can call us at (800) 896-5405 or (425) 771-5774 or fill in our online contact form. If you’re not sure where to find us, take a look at the directions on our website.

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