Hot Tub Enclosures For Privacy And Safety


When in-ground swimming pools first became popular, it quickly became obvious that if the pool was in a place where small children could find unsupervised access, tragedy was destined to strike. The drowning statistics concerning small children and pools are truly frightening. 77% of drownings occurred within 5 minutes of the child last being seen, and in a majority of cases, “Parental Supervision” was the only safety measure in place.

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Hot Tub Enclosures Help Keep Safe

The most effective safety measure is a fencing system which effectively blocks unsupervised kids from getting to the pool. Hot tubs can be just as attractive to curious and adventurous kids. The danger of drowning is every bit as real, but thankfully a hot tub can be simpler to make safe.

Because the hot tub is a much smaller body of water, it should be easier to secure. Many insulating hot tub covers can incorporate a locking device. This means that the cover will not only save energy and keep out unwanted debris, it will block small children from getting into trouble in the spa.

Hot Tub Enclosures and Privacy

A more popular reason for fencing the hot tub is for privacy. Privacy goes both ways. Your neighbors don’t want to see what is going on in your hot tub, and you probably don’t want them to see. Even if everything that happens in your hot tub is “safe for work viewing”, your time in the spa can be a special, relaxing time for you to disconnect from the rest of the world. This is a tough illusion to create if you are worried about Fred, the neighbor asking you about the weather while you are in mid-soak.

hot tub enclosures like this fence is essential © Copyright Rennett Stowe and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License

Fortunately, a privacy screen can do more than just keep out prying eyes, it can also add to the atmosphere you are trying to create around your spa. There are two great ways to achieve this.

The first is with a “living screen” of shrubs, trees, of climbing vines. The living screen can be very beautiful and peaceful, but it may take some time for the plants to become established, and living plants will require some attention and care.

A non-living screen can also be very beautiful. There is no rule that says that it has to be devoid of plant life. Potted plants and shrubs can be placed on the ground, or even hung on the fence, if it is sturdy enough. Even if the plants are left out, the hot tub enclosure can be decorated to create the mood you want for your personal oasis.

Need a daily tropical vacation? Line one side of your screen with bamboo slats and add some Tiki décor, and you can soak every day in the islands. Weathered boards and a few weather resistant antiques can plant you in the country, even if your neighbors are just a few feet away.

hot tub fence © Copyright Justin Cozart and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License

A common problem that many Northwest home owners have with privacy screens is that the screen may block some very beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, sometimes there simply isn’t much that can be done about it. As nice as it would be to enjoy a morning soak with a view of the mountains, if neighbor Fred’s window is in your sight-line you will have to miss out.

There is nothing wrong with partial screens, however. Take time to investigate before you commit to the hot tub and screen location. Perhaps you will be able to block Fred form seeing your tub with a single wall that still allows you to see the scenery.

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