How to Create the Ultimate Bachelor Pad


Every trendy modern man needs to know how to create the ultimate bachelor pad, especially if they are out to impress their friends (or even the ladies for that matter). Every man’s pad will obviously be different, due to individual style and taste, but there are some elements that just cannot be compromised!

Ultimate Bachelor Pad Pool Tables

Nothing says cool quite like a pool table. It is not only a great way to practice your game, but it is also a great excuse to invite guests over and show off your pad!

The classic pool table choice is without a doubt the tasteful green felt and wood frame, but depending on your own personal style, something a little more offbeat may be just up your street. It doesn’t have to stop at pool tables either…throw in an air hockey or foosball table and you’ve got yourself a games room. Who needs to go out when you have everything you could dream of under your own roof!

Atmospheric Lighting

Dimmers are an absolute must have for any bachelor pad, as they will set the tone for everything! Softer and subtler lighting helps to create a more relaxing and chilled out atmosphere that everyone can be happy in. Nothing kills the mood quite like bright lights shining in your eyes (and wearing sunglasses inside is just not on trend right now!)

Some Like it Hot…

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The ultimate addition to any pad, bachelor or not, is a hot tub. These bad boys scream luxury, and not many people can resist their alluring charms. No matter what the weather, hot tubs always manage to appear inviting and they are a great way to turn it up a notch! They also have endless health benefits when put to good use on a regular basis, such as stress relief, muscle ache alleviation, and the soothing of arthritis, so you don’t have to feel guilty if you decide to splash out on one.

The Liquor Cabinet

Having a stellar collection of alcoholic beverages is essential, from vintage wines to locally brewed beers. Brushing up on your knowledge wouldn’t go amiss either, we’re not saying you have to be a connoisseur, but coming across as well cultured and educated certainly won’t do you any harm. As they say variety is the spice of life, so make sure you’re stocking something for everyone (that also means non alcoholic beverages).

Gadgets and Gizmos

Everyone knows that gadgets and gizmos are the true icon of any bachelor pad, so don’t let yours fall short of expectations! Watching the big game with your buddies requires a big screen TV, and when we say big we mean big. A 50 inch screen at the minimum should just about fit the bill, and it will definitely add an air of superiority to your pad.

A state of the art sound system to complement your massive TV is also a necessity, and will provide hours of entertainment for both you and your guests. Make sure your DVD collection is up to date and readily accessible; this way you can suggest snuggling up on the couch with your potential date whilst kicking back with a movie.

Picture Perfect

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Although the choice of art for any bachelor pad should reflect the owner and the interior decor, one thing to avoid without a doubt is cheap posters. You should be aiming for classy and tasteful pieces that enhance the rooms rather that detract from them! Cool and funky vintage prints teamed up with a stylish frame are the way to go, or even purchasing from up and coming local artists for some truly original pieces.

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