Everest Life


Everest Life


MSRP: $22,000

Monthly Payments: $49/month


Everest Life 5-Person Hot Tub with Dual Lounger

93 x 93 x 37 in
Seats : 5 Adults
Lounge Seating
68 Jets
365 gal
996 lbs. Dry

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About the Everest Life Hot Tub

The Everest Life hot tub is the most energy-efficient and luxurious hot tub for relaxation. Enjoy every modern feature and 68 powerful jets in the best dual lounger hot tub.

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About the Everest Life Hot Tub

Features of the Everest Life Hot Tub

New waterfall
Redesigned spa waterfall embodies the aesthetics of a natural cascade, featuring a renewed design for an authentic effect. With its unique appearance and flawless functionality, it adds a touch of elegance to your spa experience.
WOW System
Wellis Optimized Waterflow: Our enhanced electric water diverter delivers a 75% increase in pressure while consuming approximately 45% less energy compared to our previous models’ bulky manual diverters.
WPS frame
The spa cabinet’s frame enjoys immortality, thanks to the special polymer ensuring exceptional stability and longevity. This protects and extends the life of your investment, providing added peace of mind.
Ozmix™ system
This system is 20% more effective than ozone usage without a mixing chamber. When compared to other disinfectant systems on the market, it excels in eliminating the highest percentage of bacteria.
New Scandinavian insulation
1.4 in of POLYFOAM boards has been installed into the spa’s holding frame gap-free, instead of fastening them to the outer casing.
Lighting Jets
In Wellis PeakLife Premium spas, exclusive to Wellis, the new jets feature an illuminated effect, with the edges of the jets lighting up, creating a striking visual display.
Light-Zone System
Utilizing the Light-zone system, you have control over the light ambiance of three distinct therapy zones in your hot tub. Zone 1 offers Well Light with EvenLight Jets, Zone 2 features Edge Lighting, and Zone 3 includes Cabinet & Corner Lighting.
New Flat Fountains
The redesigned flat fountain jets not only illuminate but also serve as ideal cup holders, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal.
Crystal Clean System
The redesigned circulation jet features three zones, with two zones directed downward to agitate and lift sand and debris from the hot tub floor.
Infinity Jet
The infinity jet enhances the massage experience by targeting a larger area of the body, creating a continuous figure-eight motion instead of simple up-and-down movement.
LightSide™ Spa Cabinet
In PeakLife spas, the LightSide™ cabinet system features concealed lighting beneath the corner elements and an internally developed LED strip along the side cover of the hot tub.
Energy-saving W-EC circulating pump
This water circulating pump consumes a mere 0.25 kW/h, offering eco-friendly, cost-effective operation with longevity and quiet performance.

Optional Features of the Everest Life Hot Tub

Smart-In Step System
The 3kW heat pump fits neatly under the step, functional from 23°F to 104°F, providing substantial energy savings of 70-75%. Our stair storage includes charging ports for mobile devices and ambient lighting, available in all Life spas.

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Control Your Everest Life Hot Tub from Anywhere

Connect via a smartphone app to monitor and control your hot tub from afar, with the SmartTub™ System.

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