Eagle Crest


Eagle Crest


Monthly Payments: $49/month


An Impressive, Intimate, and Cutting-Edge Therapeutic Spa Experience

84" x 84" x 42"
Seats : 6 Adults
Lounge Seating
55 Jets
335 gal
892 lbs. Dry
WhisperPure™ Circulation System with Microfilter

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About the Eagle Crest Hot Tub

The Eagle Crest’s impressive and intimate layout provides a therapeutic experience perfect for you. Its powerful and efficient design utilizes the latest technology to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience – either indoors or outdoors. If you are looking for the ability to relax, anytime, without sacrificing large spaces of indoor or outdoor real estate, The Eagle Crest has you covered. It’s equipped with 6 luxurious seats, and powerful massaging jets which will whisk you away into a sea of comfort every time you enter its lavish embrace.

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Features of the Eagle Crest Hot Tub

LED Lighting
With both standard and optional LED lighting selections in our spas, you can find fun and unique ways to light up your evenings. From a single blue LED to maximize the calm and relaxation you experience during each soak to deluxe LED options that offer additional customization, your spa will quickly become your favourite escape.
Innovative Technology
Each of our spas is designed to delight you with both standard and optional advanced features that maximize the comfort and relaxation you experience during each soak. From easily adjusting the water flow to each seat for a personalized massage to mobile control of your water temperature and filtration through our wifi app, our spa technology will keep you in control at every turn.
Water Features
Upgrade your soaking experience with various water features that are both elegant and functional. For the soothing sounds of flowing water, you can include the Tranquility Fall or feature a surprising water show using the BellagioFalls. For something more functional, consider including the Pillowfall, providing a gentle flow of water to ease the aching muscles in your neck and shoulders.
Hydrotherapy Jets
With a stunning stainless steel design, our various styles of hydrotherapy jets make for the ultimate relaxation experience from head to toe. Each of our jets has been designed with durability and functionality in mind, resulting in each rotating jet moving on bearings as opposed to the standard plastic. Not only does this make them easy to adjust, but ensures they maintain their stability with each rotation.
Maintenance Free Cabinetry
With various high-durability cabinetry options, your spa will look its best and fit seamlessly into your existing space. Maintenance-free cabinetry makes protecting your spa simple with durability that withstands even the harshest weather conditions, banishing rust, rot, or deterioration of any kind through the years.
Quality Construction
From the very core of your spa to the surface of its shell, you can expect a highly durable design. Each frame is constructed with pressure-treated wood and a weather-resistant and waterproof ABS base, ensuring your spa can easily withstand extreme weather conditions without breaking down. Paired with full-foam insulation and plumbing made with Shur-Grip PVC tubes, you can rest assured your spa will have maximum heat retention and a durable system that prevents leaks. To top it off, each acrylic shell is hand-crafted for optimal comfort and includes Bio-LokTM technology to protect your shell from mold, ensuring it looks its best between cleanings.

Optional Features of the Eagle Crest Hot Tub

Stereo System
Elevate your evening spa sessions with soothing playlists, or electrify the air with the top hits during a hot tub party by incorporating our optional stereo system. With both Bluetooth and Auxiliary input options, you’ll be able to easily create the perfect atmosphere to match your needs each day.

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