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Installing a dart board in your rec room or family room is a great way to have something cool to do when hanging out with friends, can expand your family game night or allow you to train for competitions if that’s your thing.

At Black Pine Spas, we have a great selection of traditional bristle dart boards, electronic dart boards as well as soft tip and steel tip darts.

Whatever your dart throwing preference, we can outfit you and, if you’re not sure what’s best for you, our expert staff can help you decide.

Which Dart Board is Best for You?

Prior to World War I, dartboards in English pubs were made of solid blocks of wood, but were high maintenance because the darts damaged the board and had to be repaired constantly. In 1923, a clay company called Nodor began mass producing better boards and eventually developed the popular bristle dartboards for steel tip darts which remain the popular choice for pub and home play.

traditional dart boardAt Black Pine Spas, we offer traditional Nodor dartboards. You may also want to consider an electronic dartboard.

These were pioneered by Arachnid and we offer their brand as our go-to electronic option since they invented the technology and construct the best electronic boards.

Both traditional and electronic dart boards are perfect for home use, but if you have electronic dartboardyoung children, you may want to consider going the electronic route. Both offer years of enjoyment.

If you plan on using your home dartboard to train for competitive events, a traditional bristle board with steel tip darts is the option to consider.

We also offer attractive Brunswick classic wood cabinets to house your dartboard in style complete with double chalk scoreboards in the doors, grooves to store your chalk and ample storage space for your darts, either soft tip or steel tip.

Which darts are best for you?

Darts, as a formal game, has been around since man first found pointy projectiles to lob, but was popularized in the late 1800s in English pubs. Early darts were arrows or crossbow bolts that had been cut down to hand-throwing size. Early French darts were made of wood adorned with split turkey feathers. The first metal darts were patented in the early 1900s but wood was still used until the 1950s.

steel tip dartModern darts are made of four distinct parts – the point, barrel, shaft and fletching. The point is the end of the dart, the barrel is the part you grip, the shaft is the narrower part and the fletching (or flight) is the rear that helps aerodynamics.

At Black Pine Spas, we offer quality dart brands including Piranha and Arachnid in soft tip for electronic dartboards and steel tip for traditional bristle boards.

soft tip dartsDarts come in a variety of weights and materials. Piranha steel tip darts feature a 90% tungsten shaft which makes for easy gripping and comes in weights ranging from 20 to 32 grams.

Both dart weight and length are a matter of personal preference and may evolve over time.

You can try out different darts in our Edmonds showroom just 15 minutes outside of Seattle, Washington and consult with our experts.

Come into Black Pine Spas today to check out our great selection of dartboards and darts perfect for your rec room, game room or billiards room. In addition to darts and billiards supplies, be sure to browse our selection of pub-quality tables, lighting and recreational accessories. We’ve been in business in Seattle for more than 30 years, offer unparalleled advice and service and beat local competitor prices by 10% guaranteed. Call us at (425) 771-5774 for more information or stop by and see us today.

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