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Where Can I Put a Sauna?

There are a few considerations on where to put a sauna in residential application. The first is finding an ideal location with adequate space. Saunas come in industry standard footprints such as 3’,4’, and 5’ and measure between 6’-8’ in height. Another factor for a sauna shopper is shape.

Sauna Styles and Location

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Over the years a multitude of shapes have been produced by manufacturers like corner shapes, square, round (barrel), or rectangular. Ultimately, picking a shape and size has a lot to do with an individual shopper’s needs or limitations with one of these factors sometimes precluding the other.

Sauna Requirements

The second consideration is a nearby electrical outlet. Consult an electrician to ensure you have a large enough electrical panel to support adding a sauna. Most saunas run on 110v-120v electricity and typically require a 15-20AMP dedicated breaker, however, there are some models that run on 220-240v and require only a 30-60AMP breaker.

In either case there must be a dedicated line and circuit which means the location for the sauna can be dependent on how far it is from an available outlet. For more detailed information we have a separate section on the subject of “Power & Electrical Requirements”. More importantly, there are national and state electrical codes and regulations as they relate to saunas so be sure to consult a local, licensed electrician.

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