Nestled in the northeast corner of Tacoma, Washington, Browns Point is a picturesque neighborhood that offers residents a perfect blend of natural beauty and community spirit. This charming peninsula is surrounded by the stunning Puget Sound on three sides, providing breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere that makes it a highly desirable place to call home.

Location and Accessibility:

Browns Point is conveniently located in the northeast corner of Tacoma, just a short drive from downtown and other major areas of the city. The neighborhood is easily accessible via Browns Point Boulevard, which connects to State Route 509 and other main roads. Public transportation is also available, with bus routes serving the area and connecting it to other parts of Tacoma.

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Homes and Real Estate:

The homes in Browns Point range from cozy cottages to spacious waterfront properties, catering to a variety of lifestyles and preferences. Many of the homes feature large yards with beautifully landscaped gardens, contributing to the neighborhood’s overall charm and appeal. The area is known for its well-maintained properties and friendly community atmosphere, making it a great place to put down roots and raise a family.

Hot Tubs and Swim Spas in Browns Point:

With its stunning waterfront views and peaceful ambiance, Browns Point is an ideal location for homeowners who want to enhance their outdoor living spaces with a hot tub or swim spa. Black Pine Spas, a trusted local provider in Tacoma, offers a wide selection of high-quality hot tubs and swim spas that are perfect for Browns Point homes. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind after a long day or enjoy a low-impact workout in the comfort of your own backyard, Black Pine Spas has the perfect solution for you.

Parks, Beaches, and Recreation:

One of the highlights of living in Browns Point is the abundance of parks, beaches, and recreational opportunities available to residents. The iconic Browns Point Lighthouse Park is a popular destination, featuring a historic lighthouse, a sandy beach, and a children’s playground. The park offers stunning views of the Puget Sound and is a great spot for picnics, beach combing, and watching beautiful sunsets. Residents also enjoy easy access to other nearby parks and green spaces, such as Dash Point State Park and Northshore Golf Course.

Education and Schools:

Browns Point is served by the Tacoma Public Schools, which provide high-quality education to students in the area. Browns Point Elementary School, located within the neighborhood, is known for its dedicated teachers and strong academic programs. Older students attend Meeker Middle School and Stadium High School, both of which are highly regarded for their excellence in education and extracurricular activities.

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Community Events and Engagement:

The Browns Point community is known for its strong sense of togetherness and engagement. Residents actively participate in various community events throughout the year, such as the annual Browns Point Salmon Bake, Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony, and neighborhood clean-up days. The Browns Point Improvement Club, a local organization, works to promote the interests of the community and foster a sense of belonging among residents.


Browns Point, Tacoma, is a truly special neighborhood that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, community spirit, and convenient access to urban amenities. With its stunning waterfront views, charming homes, excellent schools, and endless recreational opportunities, it’s no wonder that so many people are proud to call Browns Point their home. Whether you’re looking to relax in a hot tub, swim in a swim spa, or simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this tight-knit community, Browns Point has something to offer everyone.