Health Benefits of Hot Tubbing, Real and Imagined


health benefits hot tubbingFor many years people have been taking advantage of the therapeutic effect of hot springs and spas. The healing and restorative power of warm water and gentle water massage that was once only available to the noble and elite is now accessible to all—we’re enjoying it! The physical benefits reported by researchers and hot tub users alike, range from scientifically proven to anecdotally effective. No matter what you use your hot tub for; here is our list of health benefits hot tub owners can expect to enjoy.


Stress: People are busier than ever before and advances in technology mean we rarely take the time to disconnect and recharge. Time in a hot tub can relax tense muscles and foster feelings of deep relaxation and release of stress fighting endorphins.

Insomnia: Often a by-product of stress, sleepless nights can compound the issue while increasing tension and even lowering body temperature. Scientists recently discovered that a mere 15 minute soak in a hot tub is an effective way to bring on much needed sleep.

Outlook: Hot tub users often report a greater sense of overall calm and wellbeing. Spas allow bathers to take time away to relax and rejuvenate in a healing environment that recharges their batteries for what’s ahead.


Improved circulation: A hot tub’s warm water and water pressure opens up constricted blood vessels improving the flow of oxygen throughout the body. Open, un-constricted blood vessels can also decrease blood pressure and stimulate the immune and nervous systems. And finally, improved circulation has been proven to reduce headaches and joint pain.

Type 2 Diabetes: According to researchers at McKee Medical Center, Type 2 Diabetics who spend 30 minutes each day in a hot tub can decrease their blood sugar levels by up to 13%.


Depression: Scientists have found that water-based exercise can improve mental health; but did you know that daily hot tub use particularly when it’s movement-based can reduce mild depression and improve mood? The combination of environmental heat, message and buoyancy helps relax muscles and restore balance within the body.

Disconnect: Taking time away from work, kids, smart phones and other commitments allows us to pause and reflect. Soaking in a hot tub for 15-30 minutes a day provides therapeutic healing that packs a powerful wellness punch.

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