Edmonds, Washington, is a picturesque coastal city located just 15 miles north of Seattle, offering a perfect blend of small-town charm, natural beauty, and urban convenience. With its stunning waterfront, vibrant downtown, and thriving arts scene, Edmonds is an increasingly popular destination for those seeking a high quality of life in a welcoming and engaged community. Explore the many facets of this captivating city and discover why it’s one of the Puget Sound region’s most desirable places to live, work, and play.

Location and Accessibility:

Edmonds is conveniently located along the Puget Sound in Snohomish County, just a short drive from Seattle via I-5 or a scenic ferry ride from Kingston. The city is well-served by public transportation, with Sounder commuter trains and Community Transit buses connecting Edmonds to other parts of the region. The Edmonds Amtrak station also provides easy access to destinations along the Cascades route, from Vancouver, BC, to Eugene, Oregon.

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Hot Tubs in Edmonds, WA:

Edmonds’ stunning coastal setting and mild climate make it an ideal location for hot tub enthusiasts. Many homes in the city feature private outdoor spaces that are perfect for installing a hot tub, allowing residents to enjoy a relaxing soak while taking in the beautiful natural surroundings. With a variety of hot tub styles and sizes available, Edmonds residents can find the perfect option to suit their needs and preferences.

Hot Tubs For Sale in Edmonds, WA:

For those looking to purchase a hot tub in Edmonds, there are several local retailers and online marketplaces that offer a wide selection of options. From entry-level models to luxury spas with advanced features, residents can find a hot tub that fits their budget and lifestyle. Many local retailers also offer delivery, installation, and maintenance services, making it easy for Edmonds residents to enjoy the benefits of hot tub ownership.

Swim Spas in Edmonds, WA:

In addition to traditional hot tubs, swim spas are becoming increasingly popular among Edmonds residents. These versatile units combine the benefits of a hot tub with the ability to swim and exercise in a compact, controlled environment. Swim spas are perfect for those who want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of water-based exercise or simply want a more spacious and dynamic alternative to a traditional hot tub.

Waterfront Parks and Beaches:

One of Edmonds’ most stunning features is its waterfront, which offers a variety of parks, beaches, and recreational opportunities. Brackett’s Landing North and South provide sandy beaches, scenic walking paths, and stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. Marina Beach Park is a popular spot for swimming, beachcombing, and watching the Washington State Ferries come and go. The Edmonds Fishing Pier is a great place to cast a line or simply enjoy the fresh sea air.

Downtown Edmonds and the Arts Scene:

Edmonds’ charming downtown is the heart of the city, offering a variety of unique shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafes. The city is known for its thriving arts scene, with numerous public art installations, murals, and outdoor sculptures throughout the downtown area. The Edmonds Center for the Arts hosts a diverse range of performances, from concerts and theater productions to comedy shows and film screenings. The annual Edmonds Arts Festival, held each Father’s Day weekend, showcases the work of over 200 artists and attracts thousands of visitors to the city.

Parks and Outdoor Recreation:

In addition to its waterfront parks, Edmonds offers a variety of green spaces and outdoor recreational opportunities. Yost Park features hiking trails, a swimming pool, and a playground, while Meadowdale Beach Park offers a secluded beach, picnic areas, and a fish hatchery. The Edmonds Marsh, a 22-acre wetland preserve, is home to a diverse array of wildlife and provides a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. Golfers will enjoy the Edmonds Golf Course, a challenging 18-hole public course with stunning views of the Olympic Mountains.

Education and Community Resources:

Edmonds is served by the Edmonds School District, which is known for its high-quality education and commitment to student success. Notable schools include Edmonds-Woodway High School, Madrona K-8 School, and Westgate Elementary School. The city is also home to Edmonds College, a comprehensive two-year community college that offers a wide range of academic programs and workforce training opportunities. The Edmonds Library, a branch of the Sno-Isle Libraries system, provides a variety of books, resources, and community programs for residents of all ages.

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Community Events and Festivals:

Edmonds is a city that knows how to celebrate, with a vibrant calendar of community events and festivals throughout the year. In addition to the Edmonds Arts Festival, other popular events include the Edmonds Waterfront Festival, the Edmonds Classic Car Show, and the Edmonds Summer Market, which offers fresh produce, crafts, and live entertainment from May through October. The city also hosts a variety of holiday celebrations, such as the Tree Lighting Ceremony and the Halloween Trick-or-Treat Night in the downtown area.

Real Estate and Neighborhoods:

Edmonds offers a diverse range of housing options, from historic homes and waterfront properties to modern condominiums and townhouses. The city’s neighborhoods each have their own unique character and charm, from the stately homes of the Bowl area to the more rural feel of the Seaview neighborhood. Many properties in Edmonds feature stunning views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, making them highly desirable among homebuyers. With a strong sense of community, excellent schools, and a high quality of life, Edmonds is an increasingly popular destination for families, professionals, and retirees alike.


Edmonds, Washington, is a city that truly has it all – stunning natural beauty, a vibrant downtown, a thriving arts scene, and a strong sense of community. With its convenient location, excellent schools, and diverse recreational opportunities, Edmonds offers an unparalleled quality of life for its residents. Whether you’re strolling along the waterfront, exploring the charming downtown, or enjoying one of the city’s many festivals and events, Edmonds promises a welcoming and engaging experience that will make you feel right at home. Discover the charm and beauty of Edmonds and find your perfect place in this captivating coastal community.