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We have all heard about the benefits of a regular exercise and physical fitness program. We all want the toned body and good looks they can give us but who has time to go to the gym? In Seattle, swim spas may be the answer.

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Swimming just may be the ideal form of exercise. The entire cardiovascular system simply works harder when the body is in the water- it has to! As your heart and lungs work harder they become more efficient and healthy. In fact, the entire body becomes more efficient and healthy.

Swim Spa Swimming

The swimming motion forces the major muscles to stretch and contract in ways that make them both stronger and more supple. These motions are repeated over and over again through out a swimming workout, increasing the endurance of the muscles used and the entire body.

Exercising in a water environment is ideal for what seem like contradictory reasons. First of all, motion in the water encounters more resistance than moving through the air.

Water is simply denser and more resistant to movement. Because the water is denser, it helps to support the body during exercise. That means that your exercise is less likely to injure your joints while your muscles get stronger. When you leave the water with your stronger muscle, they well be better at supporting the joints while you are on dry land.

The downside to a water borne work-out program is that you need to find the water to work out in. Going to a public pool can be even more problematic than the gym, and you don’t even want to think about taking a dip in the Puget Sound in the winter. In Seattle swim spas are the answer.

Seattle Swim Spas

TidalFit Swim Spas

Black Pine Spas of Lynnwood carries the full line of TidalFit swim spas. One way to think of a swim spa is as a watery treadmill. On a treadmill, a runner can get a full long distance workout while remaining in the same spot.

In the swim spa the powerful pumps set up a stream of current for you to swim against. The rate of current is adjustable for people who swim at different rates.

Swimming is not the only use of a high quality swim spa. It also provides a more than gym quality over all workout. Simply walking or running against the current on the underwater treadmill provides greater resistance for a more intense aerobic workout, while the support of the water prevents injury to the joints. TidalFit pools are equipped with accessory resistance bands which provide a full gym strength training upper body workout.

At the end of your workout, you can relax and recover with all the hydrotherapy benefits you would get from a top end hot tub. These include multiple adjustable massage jets, a waterfall, LED mood lighting, and a built-in marine-grade stereo sound system.

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