Traditional vs Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Traditional saunas have long been employed as an aid to relaxation and detoxification, but why are many people now choosing to use infrared saunas, and how do they compare?

We at Black Pine Spas have over 30 years of experience as a retailer of saunas, so we know a thing or two about their benefits. We stock a vast number of different saunas, each suitable for different purposes, as well as all of the relevant extras and parts. If you’re thinking of buying a sauna we can handle all of your needs, right through to ongoing maintenance and advice. Click here for our in-depth guide and read on for more information on the benefits of regular sauna use.

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The Health Benefits of Traditional and Infrared Sauna

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Heat relaxes our muscles, which in turn helps us to relax our minds. This is the basic principle behind the sauna, with regular use leading to reduced stress, detoxification, weight loss and healthier skin. When coupled with a healthy diet, sauna use contributes to heightened calmness and general wellbeing.

Did you know that a 30-minute session in an infrared sauna is likely to burn twice as many calories as going for a 30-minute run? If you’re looking for an effective way to lose weight, or just keep fit, then spending time in your very own sauna is productive, enjoyable and pain-free. You can burn calories by sitting down!

If you’re still not convinced, click here to examine the in-depth benefits of saunas for yourself.

Traditional versus Infrared Sauna

Although traditional saunas remain popular, increasing numbers of people are opting instead for infrared saunas. This is largely due to certain inherent benefits over the traditional sauna, which maintains a romantic appeal but cannot compete with infrared saunas in terms of health benefits and efficiency.

Infrared saunas are:
Infrared Sauna

  • Not as intense as traditional saunas as they work at a lower temperature. This means they can be used for longer sessions, enhancing the benefits, and also by people who might not have enjoyed traditional saunas
  • More efficient than traditional saunas in terms of both power consumption and the even distribution of heat
  • Even more effective than traditional saunas when measuring health benefits, as the infrared light waves penetrate deeper beneath the skin.

Convenient Sauna Options

Whichever kind of sauna you opt for; we at Black Pine Spas pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation and commitment to customer service. The majority of our business comes from customers recommending our services to friends and family and we have won numerous awards for our friendly and helpful approach.

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