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Pellet Grills – Cook Grilled and Smoked Meats in One Convenient Appliance

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Black Pine Spas now offers quality pellet grills from Traeger Grills, Green Mountain Grills, Louisiana Grills, and Memphis Grills. Bring how you grill or smoke to a whole new level.

Backyard grilling is an essential part of summer – grilled burgers, hotdogs and steaks are all staples of outdoor food preparation.

But recently, there’s been a surge of interest in slow smoked barbecue that calls to mind the tangy taste of Texas or the smoky soul of the South. To explore this foodie fascination, this once meant you had to invest in a smoker as well as your standard grill. But not any more!

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With the innovation of the pellet grill, you get the ability to grill and cook over uniform heat as well as smoke your favorite meats – pork, beef, chicken and more.

Pellet grills are an excellent multi-purpose solution for the best in backyard barbecue. This grill makes even more sense if your deck or patio space is limited and you simply have no room for both a traditional grill and a smoker.

Benefits of a Pellet Grill

  • The fuel is real wood in the form of small hardwood pellets – that means no chemical taste from artificial fuels and materials
  • Pellets light quickly with no need for starter fuel – this means a faster, safer start to get your meat cooking quickly
  • Wood pellets come in a variety of options from hickory to mesquite and applewood – enhances food flavors and ensures authentic taste
  • Pellet grills allow you to set the burn temperature which means less cook-time supervision – no more standing over the grill
  • Fool-proof digital temperature control that’s perfect for a novice to an expert grill master – precise results with fewer cooking mishaps
  • Pellet grills are healthier with lower risk of HCAs and PAHs forming in your food – charcoal and gas cause these known carcinogens
  • Wider variety of foods you can prepare from smoked ribs and chicken to steaks and burgers – and meat is more moist than with charcoal
Black Pine Spas offers four brands of top-selling, quality pellet grills to choose from – click to read more about the benefits of each brand and model: 

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