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Black Pine Spas is proud to offer a wide array of Big Green Egg brand charcoal grills. These are top of the line, Kamado-style ceramic cookers that can grill chicken, steak, ribs and any other grillable meat. You can even use the versatile Big Green Egg to roast chicken or turkey – or even grill a pizza. You name it, a Big Green Egg can grill it!

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Charcoal purists know that a charcoal grill offers a unique flavor profile that can’t be matched with any other type of grill. Charcoal burns hotter than other fuels and sears flavor into any meat you want to grill. Not only is the flavor superior, but the cooking experience is one of a kind. Charcoal cooking is a hands-on ritual that produces authentic, smoky flavors once you master the method.

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Cornell food scientist Gavin Sacks says what makes charcoal cooking flavor unmatched is the aroma compound guaiacol which provides a “smoky, spicy, bacony aroma.” Only food cooked over charcoal produces yummy guaiacol scent and flavor. Most professional chefs prefer charcoal and a quality charcoal grill can allow you to explore your inner caveman (or woman) as you cook over primal flame.

Benefits of Charcoal Grills

  • Charcoal grills burn hotter than other types of grills – this means you can sear meat rapidly to create a caramelized, crusty effect with smoky flavor profile
  • Using charcoal on a slower cook cycle makes healthier meat – continuous exposure to heat liquefies lipids which reduces fat and calories consumed
  • Charcoal grills allow you to have different heat levels in different areas when you shift coals – so you can cook different foods at once or produce custom steak temperatures
  • These grills are more portable than other types of grills – so if you want to take your grill to the beach, camp out or block party, it’s no problem
  • Charcoal grills can produce a wide array of flavors – simply add flavored wood chips in with your charcoal to infuse a gourmet aroma
  • Modern charcoal grills come with starters to help them ignite faster – this reduces your heat up time and gets you cooking faster
  • Charcoal grills can use a variety of charcoals – from standard lump to briquettes and eco-friendly coconut shell charcoal or exotic Japanese, Hawaiian and Jamaican woods
Click Here to check out all the Big Green Egg grills and accessories offered by Black Pine Spas.

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