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Hot Tub Spa Health – Eating and Drinking


Is It Okay to Eat, Drink and Be Merry in Your Hot Tub or Spa? When you think about installing a hot tub for your house, you may picture yourself soaking in the hot bubbles and enjoying a glass of bubbly or an icy cold brew, but this may not be the healthiest approach to…

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How to Have Your Own Hot Tub Time Machine!


If you’ve seen the movie Hot Tub Time Machine, you may have chuckled as three best friends were transported back to 1986 when they spill an energy drink on the controls of their hot tub. We don’t recommend spilling questionable beverages on your hot tub and can’t promise you a 30 year blast from your…

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Game Room Décor

Each game room is as unique as the homeowner’s themselves, so it’s essential that your game room décor be a reflection of your taste but also with an eye toward how you will use the room so that you can amp up style without sacrificing functionality. In addition to outfitting it with cool equipment like…

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