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Arcade Machines, Multicade

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Even as new tech like Xbox One and PS4 floods the market with enticing new games, retro gaming is trending and growing in popularity.

For those that grew up in the 80s and early 90s, classic arcade machines are like a blast from the past and, for Millennials in on the renaissance of vinyl and other retro tech, these are just the nostalgic experience you may be looking for.

Classic vintage arcade games have a wide appeal for ages 3 to 103 and are a perfect complement to your game or billiards room. At Black Pine Spas, we offer old-school multicades in either stand-up arcade or cocktail style and can special order any other arcade game you want for your game room.

What’s a Multicade, What Arcade Games are Included?

arcade games multicade cabinetA multicade is a great alternative to a single arcade game because it offers more than 60 different classic games all in one case.

A multicade offers the experience of playing all your favorite classic arcade games (and some you may have never mastered) in one stylish cabinet outfitted for years of fun for you, your friends and your whole family.

Each Black Pine Spas multicade comes with the following Atari, Namco, Nintendo and other retro games:Cocktail Multicade Cabinet

  • 1942 – (Capcom) Vertical scroll shoot-em-up set in the Pacific theater of WWII.
  • 1943 – (Capcom) Vertical scroll shooter set during the Battle of Midway.
  • 1943 Kai – (Capcom) Enhanced and wilder version of the classic 1943 game.
  • Amidar – (Konami) Classic labyrinth game sees you run from savages in a maze.
  • Arkanoid – (Taito) Bounce a ball off bricks to level up and destroy a space fort.arcade games cabinet
  • Bomb Jack – (Tecmo) Collect bombs before they destroy historical landmarks.
  • BurgerTime – (Data East) Make burgers while being chased by enemy foods.
  • Centipede – (Atari) Shoot at the centipede as it advances through a mushroom field.
  • Congo Bongo – (Sega) An alternate riff on Donkey Kong with a safari hunter.
  • Crush Roller – (Alpha Denshi) Roll paint through a maze before a fish gets you.
  • Dig Dug – (Namco) Tunnel your way around and inflate or crush monsters to level up.
  • Dig Dug 2 – (Namco) Kill monsters on an island with a pump or jackhammer.
  • Donkey Kong – (Nintendo) Scale construction levels, avoid barrels and rescue the princess.
  • Donkey Kong 3 – (Nintendo) Get the gorilla out of the greenhouse and save the flowers.
  • Donkey Kong Jr – (Nintendo) Junior rescues gorilla dad from the clutches of Mario.
  • Frogger – (Konami) Take frogs across a busy road and dangerous river to get home.
  • Galaga – (Namco) Sequel to Galaxian, fire on insectile enemies and alien ships.
  • Galaga 2 – (Namco) Also known as Galaga ’88. Better graphics and bigger enemy ships.
  • Galaga 3 – (Namco) Also known as Gaplus. Allows enhanced ship movement and bonuses.
  • Galaxian – (Namco) Early fixed shooter game where you fire on descending aliens.
  • Gun.Smoke – (Capcom) Wild West scrolling shooter featuring bosses and obstacles.
  • Gyruss – (Konami) Space shoot-em-up with forced 3D perspective.
  • The Hustler – (Konami) Billiards game with 9-ball or rotation game play.
  • Jumping Jack – (Universal) Frenetic monkey and mushroom jumping game.
  • Juno First – (Konami) Fast paced space shooter with higher scoring humanoids.
  • Jr. Pac-Man – (Midway) Eat dots in a maze while propelled by a cool beanie.
  • Jr. Pac-Man 2 – (Atari) More mazes and different scrolling effects than its predecessor.
  • King & Balloon – (Namco) Use cannons to defend the king from a balloon kidnapping.
  • Lady Bug – (Universal) Insect themed maze chase where you eat flowers and avoid bugs.
  • Mappy – (Namco) Mouse detective chases down cat burglars and reclaims stolen items.
  • Millipede – (Atari) Sequel to Centipede with new enemies and enhanced game play.
  • Moon Cresta – (Nichibutsu) Spaceship shooter vs aliens with expandable weaponry.
  • Mr Do! – (Universal) Dig tunnels, collect cherries, avoid monsters, level up.
  • Mr. Do’s Castle – (Universal) Traverse platforms, collect cherries, defeat scary unicorns.
  • Ms Pac-Man – (Midway) Gobble up dots and fruits in a maze while avoiding ghosts.
  • Ms Pac-Man 2 – (Midway) Sequel to classic Ms Pac-Man, eat dots, faster play.
  • New Rally-X – (Namco) Race your car, collect flags and don’t get run down.
  • Pac-Man – (Namco) Eat dots, run from ghosts, eat big dots, chase ghosts.
  • Pac-Man 2 – (Nintendo) Take Pac-Man out of the maze and on new adventures.
  • Pac-Man Plus – (Midway) Different maze colors and soda, cake and green beans to eat up.
  • Pac-Man Plus 2 – (Midway) Expanded versions with additional mazes and power-ups.
  • Pengo – (Sega) As a red penguin, traverse a maze of ice blocks and fight Sno-Bees.
  • Phoenix – (Centuri) Fire at dive bombing alien birds and eggs from your spaceship.
  • Pinball Action – (Tehkan) Pinball simulator on an arcade screen.
  • Pleiads – (Centuri) Fight off a Martian onslaught that flies and walks the Earth.
  • Pooyan – (Konami) Mama Pig fights to save babies from wolf kidnapper.
  • Qix – (Taito) Draw lines to claim geometric segments of the screen before dying.
  • Scramble – (Konami) Side scrolling jet shooter fights enemies off with guns and bombs.
  • Shao-lin’s Road – (Konami) Also known as Kicker, a martial arts style fight game.
  • Space Invaders – (Taito) The classic 2D fixed shooter lets you destroy alien attackers.
  • Space Panic – (Universal) Dig holes in scaffold type structures and lure aliens to their doom.
  • Super Breakout – (Atari) Break brick game designed by Steve Wozniak and inspired by Pong.
  • Super Cobra – (Konami) Navigate your helicopter through caverns or meet your doom.
  • Super Pac-Man – (Namco) Eat keys to open doors to get to fruit and grow super-size.
  • Tank Battalion – (Namco) Multi-directional tank shooter where you destroy the enemy base.
  • The End – (Konami) Shoot small bugs off a mother bug and protect your blocks.
  • Time Pilot – (Konami) Pilot your future jet to rescue pilots from other time epochs.
  • Van-Van Car – (Karateco) Weave through a maze, clear balloons and avoid enemy autos.
  • Xevious – (Namco) Pilot your combat aircraft to fight off alien forces from another planet.
  • Zaxxon – (Sega) Fire at enemy jets and structures in this isometric shooter game.

Come into Black Pine Spas for Your Multicade

In addition to multicades with the above-listed games, Black Pine Spas can order you any free-standing arcade game you want. We offer the cocktail cabinet where you can sit and game with a handy place to place your beer or a stand-up arcade that’s the traditional style you’d find in a public game room. Come to the Black Pine Spas showroom in Edmonds – just a few minutes outside Seattle – to check out the cocktail arcade or stand-up arcade models we have in stock. We’ve been in Seattle for more than 30 years, offer impeccable service and always beat local competitor prices by 10% – and that’s guaranteed. Call the pros at Black Pine Spas at (425) 771-5774 or stop by our showroom today to get your game on.

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